Baja Hunting - Mexico
"Fin & Feather Safaris" and "Baja Hunting" Present:
Baja - Wild Ringed-necked Pheasant, California, Gambel & Mountain Quail, Mourning Doves & Pacific Black Brant
Sonora - Mule & Coues Deer
Yucatan Peninsula - Ocellated Turkey, Great Currassow, & Brocket Deer

Baja Hunting was founded in 1989 by Arturo Malo a life long hunter raised in the Mexicali area. Fin & Feather Safaris was founded in 1990 by Charles Arndt also a life long outdoors man specializing in Wing-shooting & fishing. These two operations joined forces in the mid - nineties to provide the "Traveling Sportsman" a quality & affordable experience.

All of our hunt's feature wild-game, pen raised is never used. Pheasant, Gambel Quail & Mourning Doves are hunted in the Mexicali Valley, from our New Lodge. California (Valley) and Mountain Quail are hunted inside the Pacific Coast, in rolling terrain, outside the small town of Ojos Negros.

The "Best" Pacific Black Brant hunting takes place in the beautiful Bay of San Quintin, located 4 hours drive below San Diego, CA. This 13 mile long Bay, just inside the Pacific Beaches, usually holds a population of 30,000 to 50,000 Brant of which an average of 20% are banded. This is a perfect hunt for Collectors.

Desert Mule & Coues Deer are available in the State of Sonora .

During the months of March through May 15th we offer Ocellated Turkey, Great Currassow, & Brocket Deer south of Campeche.

Ask about customizing programs of multiple locations.

Baja Hunting and Fin & Feather Safaris provide R/T airport transfers regardless of your hunting destination. For Programs 1, 2, & 3, the San Diego International Airport is the most logical point of arrival. For Program #4, Tuscon, Arizona is best. For Program #5, Merida or Campeche are preferred.

To book a trip, Contact Betsy Schonberger at:
Argos Hunts LLC
PO Box 12622
Jackson, Mississippi 39236

Ph. (601) 326-2444 -- Cell (601) 983-6767


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